About the Workshop

Create wax models. Build a range of technical skills using hand tools lathe and milling machines. Courses are eight 3-hour sessions. Limited Enrollment – Classes are limited to five students at a time, creating an intensive and personal learning environment. Students develop their own projects according to their unique artistic visions; Fred supports each project from concept to execution with his extensive knowledge and experience. Fred will share his own jewelry trade resources, and the techniques he’s developed over the years, to enable the students to make pieces of superior quality.

Over the course of eight 3-hour sessions, Fred works with his students to create drawings and wax prototypes of their designs, stressing the need to express individuality in the work Fred lays out all the possible obstacles to completing a piece and then works with the students to correct or fine-tune the design.

Moving towards a finished project, Fred will teach students to work in hard and soft wax, use hand tools, drills, flexible shafts and lathes as the piece is prepared to be cast in metal. Precious and semiprecious stones are often incorporated. A typical workshop produces a wide range of design styles from the students.